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Scalp cooling, Cold Cap Therapy & Cold Capping are different terms used for the techniques and process of cooling the scalp to reduce medical treatment induced hair loss.

Scalp cooling

Is the result of using cold caps on the head. It is also used as a more general term for a combination of Cold Cap Therapy & Cold Capping.

Scalp Cooling System

Is a combination of Cold Caps + Kit + Cold Cap Therapy + Cold Capping.

What is Cold Capping ?

Capping is the process of applying and changing caps at regular intervals.

What are Cold Caps?

They are the product used to cool the scalp.

What is Cold Cap Therapy ?

This is the therapy formula used; temperature, application and timings based on assessment of your personal details, medical diagnosis and treatment specifics.

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How Does it Work?

Hair Loss

The hair follicle connects to blood system via a capillary loop in the bulb at the base of the hair follicle (root of the hair).

Certain treatment medication when flowing in the blood can cause damage to the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.

Cooling the scalp decreases the metabolic rate of the hair follicles into a hibernated state, radically slowing the absorption of treatment medication via the blood capillaries into hair bulbs.

This process helps retain the hair. Some retain nearly all.

Other Conditions

The application of cooled caps or headbands can also be used for other trichology conditions, cooling”hot flashes”, to reduce minor injury oedema and when used as part of healthy lifestyle, may help relieve the impact of migraine or headache.

The caps cold temperature causes blood vessels to constrict, helping
to relieve head pain.


Global Availability

Penguin Cold Caps provide a fully portable, customised Cold Capping kit
and personalized therapy schedule-direct to individuals Globally.

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Scalp Preparation

Penguin’s advanced performance Cold Caps have an efficient conductive surface for transferring cold energy to the scalp.

Hair remains dry throughout treatment, no conductor liquid, gel, cream, oil or water is required.

Dry hair throughout Cold Cap Therapy is highly preferable at ultra-low temperatures.

Cool and Fit

Penguin’s advanced performance Cold Caps are pre-cooled to ultra-low temperatures using dry ice or a bio-medical freezer.

The caps are applied to the head ensuring a snug fit. The close contact of the cap enable even distribution of cold to the the scalp.

Even distribution of cold to the scalp ensures practically all hair follicles are exposed to the optimum cooled temperature required for maximum reduction of hair loss.


Headband & Elastic Straps

Gel headbands are applied to provide extra coldness to the hairline.

Velcro fastening elastic straps are used to reinforce the extra snug fit.

The occipital arteries create “hot spots” close to the hairline. The extra cooling provided by the gel headband provides extra protection to the vulnerable and visible areas.

Changing Times & Therapy Duration

Penguin’s advanced performance caps and headbands are worn to cool the scalp before, during and after medical treatment.

The caps and headbands are changed at regular intervals to maintain the scalp at the correct optimum specifics.

Cold Cap Therapy treatment times vary depending on each individual, their diagnosis and treatment specifies.



Penguin’s portable scalp cooling system allows freedom to move around
during treatment, so you are not attached to a machine.

The system portability provides the option to start and finish your Cold Cap Therapy on the comfort of your own home.

Other Home Uses

The caps and headbands can be cooled in a home freezer and worn to cool the head to help alleviate the symptoms of headaches, migraines and ‘hot flashes’.

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Crylon Gel

Penguin’s advanced-performance Caps contain our proprietary Crylon gel.

This unique formula remains soft and malleable at ultra-low temperatures for much longer periods of time than other cooling products


Cap Shape

Penguin’s advanced performance Cold Caps are anatomically designed to contour comfortably to the shape of the head providing a snug fit and can be super cooled to ultra-low temperatures.

The caps separate compartments keep the crylon gel in place, adding additional cover to ‘hot spots’ produced by the occipital arteries.


Velcro System

Penguin’s Cold Caps, headbands and elastic straps all use a
compatible and easy-to-use Velcro Fastening system.

The Velcro hooked tabs attach anywhere on the soft brushed
outer surface of the caps and gel headbands.

The Velcro system allows ease of adjustment to create a
secure and sug fit


Hospital Standards

Penguin’s Cold Caps and headbands are made to hospital standards.

The caps and headbands are radio Frequency welded not glued The inner surface of the caps and gel headbands is hypo-allergenic (no latex).

The caps and headbands can be cleaned and disinfected.



Research based evidence shows outstanding results in reducing hair loss.

Our average hair retention success rate is 85% (even with strong regimens).

Your area representative will assess your personal specifies and advise you further.

Consult with your doctor before using this product.

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Example of hair retention using Penguin’s Pro-performance Scalp Cooling System. (Individual results will vary)