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Service & Support

Penguin’s caring representatives strive to provide you with the best

possible individual service and on-going support throughout
your Cold Cap Therapy.

Get in touch by phone or email.


Compassion & Understanding

Our supportive representatives have had direct or personal experience using Penguin Cold Caps.

They understand your situation and will carefully listen to your questions and offer advice, all with the upmost privacy.


Global Availability

Penguin Cold Caps provide a fully portable ,pro-performance scalp cooling system direct to individuals Globally.

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Penguin has extensive experience and research in Cold Cap Therapy and recognize everyone’s individual genetic make-up is unique, as their medical treatment.


Customized Kit

Penguin’s knowledgeable representatives customise your portable scalp cooling kit to your specific requirements.


Personalized Therapy

Penguin’s experienced representatives formulate a personalized Cold Cap Therapy schedule.

This is based on assessment of your personal details, medical diagnosis and treatment specifics.


Guidance & Instruction

Penguin provide instruction manuals and guides.

Penguin’s helpful representatives provide guidance in the simple process of applying (and changing) cold caps.

* representatives may be able to provide cap fitting services – subject to availability in your area.



"Outstanding Results"

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